RESEARCH, TRAINING & CONSULTING - SEDIMENTOLOGY AND RESERVOIR GEOLOGY - COAL AND EVAPORITE BASINS is the website of Vandenbelt Consulting. Here you find publications and other geological work of Frank van den Belt, a sedimentologist/geologist and trainer based in the Netherlands. Most of the work focuses on the sedimentary geology of coal and evaporite basins Western Europe and the USA. Available for part-time consultancy and training.


Paper out (March 2015): Fault-block rotation controlling the distribution of fluvial sediments; a quantitative test on a Lower Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) cyclothem succession , The Depositional Record (New IAS open access journal), Online First Abstract and pdf

Paper out (May 2014): An intra-basinal mechanism for evaporite cyclicity , Journ. Geol. Soc. London, v. 171, p. 461-464 Abstract

On RTV Utrecht: Salt in the Dutch subsurface. Watch on YouTube is on twitter! To follow: click button at bottom of page.


Training - Coal-bearing sequences, Carboniferous sedimentology, core logging, controls on coal distribution, Geology of the Netherlands and the North Sea basin.

Field-based training - Carboniferous stratigraphy, sedimentology and reservoir characterisation: Westphalian C-D Germany. Geology of the North Sea basin: Carboniferous, Cretaceaous and Tertiary quarries in Belgium, Germany & Netherlands.

Consulting - Carboniferous sedimentological studies. Only available for part-time work, please contact for possibilities.



Fault-block rotation controlling the distribution of fluvial sediments; a quantitative test on a Lower Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) cyclothem succession Abstract and pdf

An intra-basinal mechanism for evaporite cyclicity Abstract pdf

Sedimentary cycles in coal and evaporite basins and the reconstruction of Palaeozoic climate (PhD thesis). Download pdf

A palaeozoic climate chronology based onlong-term size variations of evaporite basins. Download pdf

Sedimentary architecture and paleogeography of Lower Slochteren aeolian cycles. (SEPM  v. 98, p. 161-176, 2011) Volume index

A shallow-basin model for 'saline giants' based on isostasy-driven subsidence. (IAS Sp. Publ. v. 38., p. 241-251, 2007). Abstract

Sedimentation during halokinesis: Permo-Triassic reservoirs of the Saigak Field, Precaspian Basin. (Petr. Geosc., 2002). Abstract




Guest researcher at the Utrecht University: SED

Geological Society of America: GSA

International Association of Sedimentologists: IAS


On YouTube: Salt in the Dutch subsurface (RTV Utrecht, Westbroek! 2 January 2012, in Dutch)


Contact me at or on +31-(0)6-1170 4507

Zwolle, the Netherlands.
E-mail: - Phone: +31 (0)6 1170 4507

Background - Guest researcher at University of Utrecht. Formerly: TNO/Geological Survey of the Netherlands, Panterra Geoconsultants, Shell Research Rijswijk. Board member Petroleum Geological Circle (PGK). Certified geography teacher. Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE A).

Experience- Coal-bearing fluvio-deltaics: Carboniferous North Sea Basin/Appalachian Basin/Poland/Ukraine; Cenozoic deltaics: Niger Delta; Rotliegend aeolian/fluvial & Zechstein carbonates/evaporites (Permian); Pliocene shoreface sequences: North Sea. Petrography & diagenesis. And much more.